- There is More to Life Than Bingo, Grandkids, and Doctors Appointments

Thank you for visiting Smiles and Wrinkles.  We are dedicated to bringing smiles to the 50+ community in the Delaware Valley.  We offer a plethora of resources for the 21st century senior.  Become a member today and enjoy all of the perks.  You will have access to our Events Calendar comprised of both low-cost and free activities such as:

  • Free Monthly Social Events (Picnics, Dancing)
  • Group Trips to Fun & Interesting Places (Museums, Casinos and Sporting Events)
  • Fun Classes (Cooking, Computer, Wine etc.)
  • Active Lifestyle (Hiking, Biking, etc.)
  • Group Dinners
  • Movie Nights

Other benefits include access to local senior related news, resources for available senior discounts, transportation to and from many events, available door-to-door pickup, free monthly social events, community hosted events, member forums where you can discuss topics with your peers and much more.  

Sign-up today and take advantage of all the we have to offer.  If you like what you see, then upgrade to one of our available memberships which start at less than $7/month.  Join today and take the first step to a more enriched life full of fun activities, culture and new friends.  Join our group and we guarantee a few new wrinkles from all the smiling you'll be doing!


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