About Us

Smiles and Wrinkles was created in 2013 with the hopes of providing those 50-years young and above a group specially designed for them.  As we have grown in age, often times, we also grow in distance from our friends.  Now that we have reached an age where things are finally settled down and our time is not as burdened with children, careers and other duties, it is time to focus on ourselves.  Smiles and Wrinkles is here to help brighten up your day and help fill your social calendar.  We'll give you something new to look forward to, whether it's one of our Meet and Greets or perhaps a trip to that museum you've always wanted to see.

Smiles and Wrinkles utilizes the innovative A.C.S. system to keep events fresh and engaging.  The A.C.S. system stands for Active, Cultural, and Social.  Active events are designed to keep you body young and healthy through moderate activities such as walks, hikes and bike rides.  You can find Active events on the Events calendar by the "A" designation next to the events.  Cultural events stimulate your mind through learning classes and visitor experiences such as cooking classes, museum tours and art classes.  Cultural events are designated with "C" on the events calendar.  Social events are designed to create and maintain new friendships through group activities such as food tastings, dances and picnics.  Social events can be found on the Event Calendar with the "S" notation.

We are based out of Willow Grove, PA but our activities take us throughout the Delaware Valley region.  We often have a transport van that makes multiple stops throughout the area to help you reach our events.  We have members living in PA, NJ and DE.  Give us a shot, you might just like us :)