"I think it is just the kind of group I have been looking for. My husband and I have gone to several other "Senior" groups but they just didn't offer what we are interested in.  Lou, I think you are the perfect organizer! With such a wonderful start you are going to have lots of smiles!

Thanks for starting this group."

- Nancy in Warminster


"I'm glad to see you are doing some things in Philadelphia and even the Longwood trip. I think you are doing a fine job, Lou (and Matt) finding diverse locations that work for all the members of the group. Thanks for your hard work."

- Diane


"Thanks for doing something at my suggested place! Hope all are happy with it! See you then if not before~ I may be adding a friend if she wants to attend."

- Marsha


"Great idea.  Great concept for those like me would like to live in 55+ but can't afford it"

- Susan


"I am smilling!!!"